Hi, I'm Pascio

Notion Ambassador, Consultant & Creator.

My Notion templates and services have helped 50,000+ people the past 14 months.

How can I help you?

You decide the topic to talk about.

Pick my brain, ask for advice, my opinion,
suggestions or improvements.

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In 14 months I've gone from a mediocre Notion user to a super user by building more than 50+ templates for clients and the community. If you need assistance with Notion, let me help you with...

  • Best practices
  • Teaching Notion
  • Possibilities & limitations
  • Formulas, designs & tricks
  • Automations & integrations


Get a detailed report of your current systems, workflows or workspace with suggestions to improve based on your chosen KPI's.

Custom build

Get a custom workspace designed from scratch or have addons, extra pages, databases or systems added on to your existing one.

Data Migration

Merge two templates together, move data from one to the other or even from external apps like Docs and Excel into Notion.

Creator Business

In 14 months I grew my digital creator business to out earn my 9-5 salary simply by building and selling Notion templates. If you need assistance with your online business, let me help you with...

  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Online business
  • Audience building
  • Side hustling next to a 9-5
  • Launching on Producthunt
  • How to sell Notion templates
  • General productivity/life advice


Get a detailed report of your current situation, product or problem with suggestions to improve based on your chosen goals


Work with me over a longer span of time to be your accountability partner and help you grow in your chosen field or topic.

Hunter for your launch

Get maximum exposure next time you launch your product on Producthunt by having me as the Hunter to help you out.


Let's connect!

And achieve greatness together!

Whether it's Notion skills, a custom build or simply advice on your online business, audience building or product launches, I've got you covered.