Hi, I'm Pascio 👋🏼

I solve problems for myself and others using no-code tools by ideating, building, launching and selling Notion templates. I swear by the fact that there is no workspace that can't be built and it’s only your imagination that sets the boundaries.

In less than 12 months, I’ve started an online business by solving problems using Notion templates. It all started with me building a dashboard to track every inch of my personal development journey two years ago.

Little did I know, my dashboard was something that people desperately wanted too. It turned out that I actually had talent at designing templates.

Today, my templates, tools and guides have helped more than 50,000+ people across the globe live better, more productive and more organized lives.

My love for Notion has since allowed me to become an Official Notion Ambassador.

This means I’m now obligated to teach Notion to anyone who wants to learn. I never stop trying to enlighten everyone I meet with the possibilities of Notion.


Because Notion is not just another productivity tool or note-taking app…

Notion is revolutionizing the future as you’re reading this and everyone who is a part of the Notion community is writing history as it is taking place.

So I welcome you into my Notion universe.

It's nice to meet you! 👋🏼

Do you want to learn Notion?

There’s 3 options when it comes to learning Notion. I can help you with 2 of them.

Use templates

Templates are a great way to save time on building your own workspaces, but it’s also a great resource for learning Notion. Simply download a template, pick it apart and learn how it works. This is a major shortcut to learning Notion in the shortest time possible

Learn Notion by yourself

Simply watch YouTube videos, build your own systems and play around with it. Eventually, it’ll stick. This is what I did.

Consult with an expert

Get a detailed report of your current systems, workflows or workspace with suggestions to improve based on your chosen KPI's.